They’re all the same

CC Image courtesy of Gage Skidmore on Flickr

8 years ago, I remember being so upset that Obama had won an election. I was young and impressionable with a head full of GOP lies. The nature of things now is that if one uses the phrase “GOP lies” every liberally minded individual reading silently agrees, and thinks I’m on their side. That I would’ve voted for Hillary, or mourn the loss of President Obama on Friday. The reality is, I don’t. After 8 years of Obama (strangely lacking in all the socialist things I was told would happen under him) I can confidently say he’s just been a bad President. All of that aside, I’m not looking forward to a Trump presidency either. I did not vote for him, and campaigned pretty hard against him. If you count endless sharing of Libertarian minded thoughts on Facebook “campaigning” that is. In the end, the big ol’ L party made a terrible choice this election, but I’ll discuss that more later.

Trump just rubs me the wrong way for a whole host of reasons; beginning with his lack of experience, and ending with his inability to hide his self aggrandizing refusal to accept facts about himself. (That he’s inexperienced, that he isn’t worth what he says, etc) Honestly Trump would be a much more compelling character in the rap game, where boasting about one’s accomplishments and money is part of the whole shtick.

As a millennial, (the perspective from which these columns will originate) I’ve done a lot of research in the last few years and I can safely say that I’m in the same spot that a lot of people much older are when it comes to politics and particularly presidential politics. I’m convinced it’s all a game. The more focus there is on the hoards of social issues that ironically enough dominate social media 24/7, the less focus there is on the political policies and a genuine concern for what’s best for all Americans. Before you insist I don’t know what I’m talking about; Obama was more than kind enough to prove it for me just days before he gives the office to Trump. He just expanded the NSA’s ability to share vast amounts of warrantless data among many intelligence agencies. Why would he do something like this hours away from handing the keys to Trump if they really believed everything about him they’ve said in the past weeks and months? This isn’t an argument for Trump either, this is an argument against these types of programs to begin with, and an argument for the liberty of the American people. But, like I said earlier, that doesn’t matter anymore. The people in power only care about perpetuating that power. I firmly believe this as a man in my late twenties. Congratulations, machine. You broke a man pretty quickly.