Between a Rock and an Orange Place
January 30, 2017


 By DonkeyHotey (Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump - Caricatures) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
By DonkeyHotey (Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump – Caricatures) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

It’s really hard being a critic of the mainstream media and the system as a whole right now. In almost all of my circles at the moment (albeit mostly on the horrible platform) the sentiment is anti Trump. I’m perfectly fine with that. As a matter of fact, anything that helps the clueless millennial have one more ounce of distrust or frustration at the system; I consider a friendly force at this point. But this anti Trump sentiment brings a thinking individual like myself to two distinct conclusions. I’ll outline these here.

The Democrats are not a reasonable answer to the anti Trump crowd.

The overwhelmingly frustrating aspect as someone who has a distrust of almost any power structure in Washington at this point is that a multitude of the anti Trump crowd think that the Democratic party is the answer. This was evidenced by how “we” handled the exit of Obama from office. By we I mean my small sampling of the younger crowd I have the unfortunate privilege of watching express themselves. I’ll hand it to him right now; Obama was a classy, funny, entertaining and all around “cool” guy. Absolutely. However, the SJW movement has clouded so many people into thinking the champions of these sorts of “rights” are somehow the answers for a progressive modern society. Meanwhile the “champions” of these rights want to spy on, kill, and perpetuate interventionist wars just as much as the “pro-life” crowd. I see past all of the ridiculous party lines these parties have come up with to divide us and realize the system as a whole is overwhelmingly against liberty, freedom, civil rights and peace for any length of time the globe over. At the end of of the day and past all of the Facebook soapboxing, I don’t understand how the issues of fiscal responsibility, interventionist wars, anti-liberty policy and the size and overreach of government is not on the front of everyone’s mind regardless of what color state you’re from. These are the issues that will dictate the world my children live in. Whether or not they’re individually friendly to the homosexual community is dependent wholly on how I raise them to interact with people of opposing viewpoints not some government bathroom law or “right” they decided to “grant” to a voting base. This is incredibly frustrating.

My calling out of the media has nothing to do with allegiance to Trump or any other party.

This most recent round of calling out came with Trump’s “Muslim ban.” I engaged several times on the horrible platform with folks who labeled Trumps refugee executive order as a “Muslim ban.” That was the mainstream narrative’s take on the issue. And much like the coverage during the election cycle, it was wrong. See here’s the thing; both parties are out to get you. I might get into that more in later columns. As such, neither party is out to end wars, limit government, and back off of policing the globe. Neither one of the parties wants that for one simple reason. It’s not profitable. As long as it’s not profitable, it won’t be the goal. And unless someone can find a way to monetize peace and liberty, mainstream bureaucracy will always stand against it. That said, there’s something important to note. The media in this country is controlled by the left. Period, end of story, thanks for playing. It’s controlled in a small way by the right but much more so by the left. I don’t see how any thoughtful person could take a step back from this past election cycle and be able to draw any other conclusion. Up until the bitter end the narrative was that Trump had no chance, and not just that he had no chance but it was the spin that was on the message of “he has no chance.” It’s the picture being painted as racist homophobic and whatever else it might be. The narrative was wrong because the “fact makers” that are the media in this country spun a lie that was too big for reality to fulfill in the end. This is by no means an argument for Trump. This is an argument against the media machine that has my generation by the balls. My frustration comes when I call out the media and am instantly labeled a Trump fan. I’m still not.